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With the CRO-Tool blog, you will improve your CRO skills and A/B test results by learning more about psychology. This blog will have a wide range of blog posts all aimed at CRO.

The variables and correlations within the CRO process

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) starts with data! But how do you gather it and what do you do with it? Read this post to find out more about using data with CRO.

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Technical SEO: How to add structured data to your website

SEO is very important to help people to find your website. To help Google understand the content of your website you can use Structured data to provide more context about your website and individual pages. In this post we go over how you can implement this in your website.

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The impact of COVID-19 on CRO

The corona virus has an increasingly visible impact on e-commerce especially when you're dealing with something like plane tickets. This post is about how the Corona virus is impacting CRO and what measures you can take to deal with this situation.

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